Library 203, Blogging, and Social Networking

I think I must really be a dork. But I’m pretty sure I’m in a class full of the same. We are the folks who have already jumped into the courseload of LIBR 203: Online Social Networking a full three weeks before classes officially start.

Heck yeah!

It’s been a long time since I’ve been in school, and back then I didn’t have options for online classes. This is going to be an experience, for sure. I’m having to re-learn time management and discipline. And of course, juggling a full time job while doing so is a neverending party. 🙂

Luckily, LIBR 203 is the class that is easing me back into the routine. I am an avid blogger elsewhere (see here and here), in addition to various Twitter accounts (I maintain one for each of the two blogs linked above), a Facebook account, a LinkedIn account, and even a MySpace account I almost never use (though I admit – I do use it for MySpace Karaoke!). Wherever I go, I’m connected.

I’m the girl who would rather text you or send you an instant message than talk to you on the phone.

I’m really looking forward to the rest of this class and to the rest of the classes I’ll be taking this semester. Hopefully I’ll really get to explore technology and learn lots of exciting new things as I go.


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  1. It seems as if I’m in the same boat as you! Both of us are working full-time jobs as well as returning to school. I’m so glad someone else is just as excited as I am about this 🙂

  2. 🙂 Definitely excited! Maybe we’ll have other classes together and will be able to keep each other excited for the duration of the semester!

  3. I feel the same way too, having to juggle a full time job and going to school. It’s so great to know we share the same concerns. I go on ANGEL to read blogs and check messages more than facebook now, LOL!!!!

  4. I don’t mind being called a dork at all. I can sit at home all day and read, something my husband does not understand. It’s the start of a new adventure for us to-be librarians, so it’s kind of exciting to get started on classwork right away. I also much rather text that talk on the phone. How else are you going to avoid those awkward pauses?

  5. Well said, Mandi Kaye. This venture into a second career as a librarian–perhaps the career path I should have followed a long, long time ago–is very energizing. Any kind of work can be a drudgery, but this feels like something that really resonates with my being. No doubt the next few years will be difficult, with work + school, but if it means a return to my true, inner dorkness, then let it be so!

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