Libraries Will Survive

The Annoyed Librarian really hates this video (and others like it), but I like them.

She laments:

Instead of videos showing how silly librarians can be, why not make some videos showing how truly helpful they can be? And I don’t mean helping people get a videogame or an episode of Star Trek, but helpful for more serious purposes. Don’t any normal people use libraries? Doesn’t anyone who’s not either crazy or poor ever use them? Why don’t we get that video?

Are librarians all so desperate for affection? So compliant about budget cuts and poor working conditions? Aren’t there librarians out there who stand up for themselves? Why aren’t they making videos?

I wish librarians would declare a moratorium on making any more cutesy videos of themselves, so that the public wouldn’t have the impression that all librarians are like this.  And anyone who liked the video should keep one more thing in mind. That woman who sang, “I will survive, I will survive” – whatever happened to her?

What a curmudgeonly attitude! I actually find myself disagreeing with nearly every post by the Annoyed Librarian, but this one just takes the cake.

Librarians are allowed to have fun. Librarians are allowed to make fun of themselves. Librarians are allowed to be silly and break stereotypes. Librarians, while definitely professional, don’t have to be professional 100% of the time.

What about the youth librarian who dyed her hair pink and dressed like a pirate to promote reading? It worked! But wait… she was acting too silly, and we musn’t do that.

I hope you join me in celebrating the librarians who don’t take themselves too seriously!


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