It Might Not Exist!

I’m loving this post over at Closed Stacks:

I don’t like not being able to find answers or telling people, “sorry, it’s just not going to happen,” but I can’t help but wonder if this is a side-effect of that information overload that we’ve heard so much about in recent years.  People who use the library and who know the function of our role as librarians often don’t seem to understand the process of finding information.  They don’t understand weeding good from bad and they don’t understand that instant gratification is a myth.  I’m generalizing, certainly, but in these cases, how can we make lemonade?  How can we take the baffled patron and teach them how to know what to look for, especially when staff are often stretched far too thin as it is?

We’ve briefly talked about this issue in a few of my classes, but I’m sure it will pop up more – especially once I’m actually working in the field. Though I have seen this sort of thing among my friends, who consider me their “Google Guru” and ask me to find them things because they can’t find it themselves. Sometimes it’s just not there to find.


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