Exercise 2: Really Simple Syndication

I am already an avid user of RSS Feeds. I use Google Reader to manage 144 RSS subscriptions – 31 of which are labeled “Library Stuff.”

The five blogs that we were required to subscribe to were In the Library with the Lead Pipe, Librarian’s Commute, The Distant Librarian, Librarian by Day, and David Lee King.

These blogs are all different, yet they are all the same. They are all written by librarians, for librarians.

Most of them have shorter posts that generally quickly make a point. In the Library with the Lead Pipe, however, tends to have very long, paper-length posts to write about what they are passionate about. Both Librarian by Day and David Lee King focus on technology, while the others are more focused on broader library topics (including technology). None of these five blogs appear to be on a posting schedule.

In general, I prefer to read posts that are relevant to my interests (but I believe this is typical of most blog readers) so I focus more on technology-related posts. I am also a big fan of brevity, so the longer posts of In the Library with the Lead Pipe are more likely to get a quick skim from me instead of an in-depth read.

In addition to the five blogs we were required to subscribe to, I chose the following three to follow (or were already following):

  • Librarian in Black – this blog is written by Sarah Houghton, Assistant Director for the San Rafael Public Library in California. Sarah writes primarily about technology and technology trends, as well as giving presentations at various conferences and venues.
  • Seth Godin’s Blog – Seth Godin is a public speaker and entrepreneur, and his blog focuses largely on marketing. He uses a mix of humor and expertise to shed light on common marketing tools and explain what works and what doesn’t. He’s very vocal and opinionated – he never hesitates to tell you when you’re doing it wrong (or doing it right).
  • Librarian.net – this blog is written by “superhero librarian” Jessamyn West. This blog is very similar in scope and content to Librarian in Black. Jessamyn is a library technologist in rural Vermont and her blog focuses on new technologies, how libraries can use them, and also contains links to information about her own presentations.
My week 2 blog posting focused on three areas that I believe make a blog successful – write what you know, have a voice, and be original. I still uphold all three of these ideas and believe that the three blogs I chose to subscribe to do these very well.

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  1. Diane Grevalsky-Angiletta

    I also follow the tech blogs,and enjoy brevity. With 144 different feeds I guess that would be a must! It can be somewhat addictive to subscribe to these different feeds, but a large quantity of great information is being shared out there, especially among librarians and information professionals. In the Library with the Lead Pipe was way too in-depth for me personally. I prefer to pull up journals for this type of reading, so I to ended up skimming through the various posts. You should share some of your feeds with us!

  2. That’s awesome – I’m an assignment! Hope you enjoy the blog, even though it’s required reading.

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