What Makes a Blog Successful?

According to BlogPulse, there are over 170 million blogs out there. Anyone can create a free blog using sites like WordPress or Blogger. So how do you create a successful blog that stands out among the crowd?

First, you need to have a niche. If you write about anything and everything, you end up stretching yourself too thin. It’s likely that someone who wanted to read your cheesecake recipe really does not care how long it took you to wash your dog. Write about what you know. Some examples of blogs that do this really well are the Annoyed Librarian and the Librarian in Black.

Second, your blog should have a voice. Personality. There should be no question at all as to who is writing. You should also be active within the community that your blog is a part of. Respond to comments that are left on your blog and actively comment on other blogs that are similar to your own. An example of someone who does this really well is Ree Drummond of the Pioneer Woman franchise.

Third, be original. While there are some successful blogs that make their living by re-posting others’ content (nearly any Tumblr, Cynical-C, BoingBoing, and Whedonesque, to name a few), original content is what will keep readers interested and coming back*.  See Agnostic, Maybe as an example.


*This is not to say that you cannot re-post information that you find interesting or believe that your readers will be interested in.


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