How Libraries Can Use Twitter

I think Twitter is an amazing tool, and I think there are many ways a library or any information organization can utilize it.

  1. Tweet the questions you’re being asked. Many libraries tweet the questions that come up at the reference desk – some choose to tweet the answers, others don’t.
  2. Share the headlines. Sharing links to current events is a great way to keep patrons informed.
  3. Tweet upcoming events. Story time in the children’s section? Book club meeting? Have an author event? Tweet it!
  4. Host an interactive Q&A. I love the idea of letting patrons ask questions via Twitter – and even letting them chime in to answer!
  5. Promote community events. Libraries are integral to the communities they are a part of, and using Twitter to promote other community events is a great show of support.
  6. Promote new acquisitions. Did your library finally get a copy of the book everyone wants to read? Announce it on Twitter!
  7. Interact with the community. Don’t just broadcast tweets – respond in kind! Opening a dialogue with your patrons can promote library accessibility.
These are only a few of the ways that a library can effectively use Twitter – can you think of more?

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  1. Diane Grevalsky-Angiletta

    I like idea number one in Tweeting the questions you are receiving at the reference desk. Usually when one person has a question about something, someone else does as well. I think it is a great way to stay connected with patrons!

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